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Chiropractic Plus KinesiologyCPK

CPK is a chiropractic tool that incorporates proven healing techniques, combining kinesiology, biofeedback, oriental medicine, relaxation & nutrition to quicken the healing time of the patient. 

How CPK restores mind-body balance

CPK is a chiropractic technique that incorporates proven healing techniques that combine:  kinesiology, biofeedback, oriental medicine, relaxation and nutrition.

By using these techniques in combination we are able to diagnose, monitor the body throughout the healing process and speed the healing time for the patient without the typical “pop and crack”. Because kinesiology is diagnostic, we are often able to identify problems before symptoms are felt or seen.

Read Andrea’s case study to see one example of CPK in action! Andrea suffered from prolonged shoulder pain, which was caused by a stressed gallbladder and poor diet. Spoiler alert: through CPK and lifestyle changes, Andrea received focused treatment and is on the path to healing. 

Our Mind

NET/Neuro Emotional Technique – Using manual muscle testing, we identify stuck stress response patterns and help you release them.

Our Nutrition

NRT is a precise, scientific, and non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine  underlying causes of health issues and create a nutrition program unique to your body.

Our Feet

Orthopedic examinations, shoe fittings, and foot adjustments are great for athletes and anyone having shoe “issues”. 

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CPK and a Holistic Approach

Our Posture

Posture, muscle function and joint function are evaluated at your consultation visit. Treatments may include stretches, exercises, soft tissue relaxation techniques and manipulation/adjustments to the affected area.

Our Stress

NET/Neuro Emotional Technique is a safe, effective and natural way to instantly resolve long-standing health problems that have a mind-body stress component.

Our Attitude

After NET treatment many patients report feeling that a burden has been lifted and that they feel an internal shift. The overall goal of the process is to restore mind-body balance and overall health.


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