Patient Story: Chiropractic Plus Kinesiology

by in Patient Story June 27, 2019

Andrea comes in to see Dr. Amy for pain in her right shoulder that she has had problems with for some time now.

Using CPK, Dr. Amy looks at this issue from all angles. She uncovers that Andrea has trouble eating meat and fatty foods. Andrea often eats meals at fast-food restaurants, which are high in fat, and puts stress on the gallbladder. These foods give Andrea stomach discomfort and constipation.

Dr. Amy assesses if the gallbladder is in fact under stress. It is; Dr. Amy describes to Andrea that her body has let her know, in a somewhat subtle way, the struggle it is having with her diet.

Many times, when an organ, such as a gallbladder, is struggling to function, it causes referred pain in other areas of the body. Andrea’s recurring right shoulder pain is a sign of that struggle. Andrea didn’t know that there are nerves that run from her gallbladder, through the spine, to her right shoulder. Hence the pain!

Dr. Amy instructs Andrea to make some significant changes to her diet and take a recommended digestive enzyme to assist in digesting the fat in her diet.

The treatment Andrea received is much more focused on the core struggle her body is going through. 

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